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Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes and Packaging

The widest selection of Custom Boxes! Printed boxes in every style & size. Custom Box Printing is our specialty!

  Corrugated Boxes: our most popular custom boxes! Strong & rigid, great for product packaging and mailings.
  Paperboard Boxes: folding-carton style printed boxes for general promotional use.
  Sales Boxes: sized to hold marketing collateral. Available in corrugated, paperboard & double-thick paperboard. 
  Rigid Boxes: turned-edge wrapped printed boxes with an elegant appeal. 
  Custom Tray Inserts: printed or unprinted rigid corrugated, to hold your products inside of our custom boxes.
  Consult with an Expert: Chat, Phone or Email

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ThePaperWorker has been manufacturing Custom Boxes for over 60 years - Call, email or chat with us today!


Our custom boxes are manufactured using the highest quality corrugated, paperboard and chipboard. Because of our state-of-the-art offset and digital capabilities, ThePaperWorker is able to offer a variety of solutions for custom boxes, totes and packaging. No matter the project scope, we can deliver the custom boxes that will make your brand shine!

What is the difference between Corrugated and Paperboard?


Corrugated Custom Boxes

If you are looking for durable custom boxes or custom packaging suitable for product packaging and mailing, then let ThePaperWorker provide you with a corrugated custom box solution. Our Corrugated Custom Boxes are strong and rigid with brilliant full-color printing.

Paperboard Custom Boxes

Paperboard custom boxes are thinner and lighter than Corrugated custom boxes.  Think folding cartons...  Our custom printed paperboard boxes are lighter, yet durable and dependable. Paperboard Custom Boxes are folding-carton style boxes that are great for marketing and promotions.

Why ThePaperWorker for Custom Boxes?

Our custom boxes have been rated the highest quality boxes on or off the Web, and we look forward to producing quality custom boxes for your brand! We guarantee you will be thrilled with the quality of our designs. Our team of experts includes structural packaging engineers, designers, finishers and service staff all under one roof. We don't outsource a thing! We thrive on delivering top quality, functional and durable products, by being innovative and imaginative. It's a continuous process to improve and our committment to excellence that separates us from our competitors. Our custom printed boxes are are built to impress! Check out our blog for examples of our work and learn more.

Don't see the box you need?

We suggest you start in our most popular category - Corrugated Custom Boxes.  We offer 75+ sizes to help you get the size you need.  If you cannot find a size that works, we offer Create Your Own size options - click here to learn more.  If you want a different style box or something that you do not see on our website then we are happy to offer you a custom quote. Contact us directly using our online form, and a team member will be in touch with you!