Reorder with Simple Text Change

Reorder with Simple Text Change to Artwork Submitted on Old Site (existed before September 2013) @ $19.95


Minimum Quantity: 1

As low as : $0.00
Be advised our Order Options are Quantity Dependent. Because you changed quantity, please review your Order Option selections before proceeding.

This service is only available if you created your graphics using our Online Designer. If you created your graphics offline and then uploaded, we cannot make any changes.

We offer this service at a nominal charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click the link below to purchase this service.

   - During Checkout there will be a Comments field into which you should input the following: username, account password for your account, & the order number of the previous order you want to reorder
   - After you order, email us at [email protected] and provide us with the text as it currently reads and the text as you want it changed.
   - We will access the graphics file from that order number, make the requested changes, and save the revised file to your account on our new website.
   - We will notify you via email when you can log into your account on our new website, access your new graphics file, and review for accuracy (text, font, positioning, color, etc.)

After you have reviewed, if everything is acceptable, you should proceed to submit your order. Please note it is your sole responsibility to review our changes and that by placing an order you acknowledge that you have reviewed & approved the graphics.

If anything is not acceptable then please email us with details at [email protected].

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