Can you review my artwork to insure it is correct?

We do not preflight your artwork as standard procedure.

Choose 'Advanced Artwork Check' if you want us to review your artwork. With this service we check 15 factors including resolution, bleeds, fonts, file size, folds, orientation, color tones, black tones, finishing options, etc. If your file needs corrections our prepress technicians will spend up to 30 minutes fixing the files. If we correct your file, revised artwork will be uploaded for you to review and approve. We cannot fix low-resolution artwork without a replacement high-resolution image or file, and we do not check for spelling or grammatical errors. Advanced Artwork Check adds 1 business day to your order for review & corrections, PLUS the time it takes you to access your account on our website to approve your revised file. If no corrections are made we will send your project to press without requiring further approval by you.

Categories: Ordering Art & Proofing