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What are the Differences between Premium and Budget Corrugated Boxes?
Premium Corrugated Boxes:• A truly beautiful box with brilliant full color, full-coverage printing • High impact...
Unstripped means that we do not remove the diecut border around your product - this border is easily removed by you during...
What is the difference between routed and creased hinges?
Square binders with routed hinges are standard, square creased hinges are additional.  
Pay-By-Purchase Order
If your order will be $7500 or greater please fill out and then email us the credit application and we can advise before...
How To Assemble Corrugated Boxes
Unsure of how to assemble your corrugated boxes? Watch this video, it helps! Corrugated Box Assembly
What does your CD/DVD Slit look like?
Our Standard CD/DVD Slit.
What does your Business Card Pocket look like?
Our Clear adhesive business card pocket measures 3.75 inches x 2.38 inches. Horizontal is standard (card reads left to right...
How To Measure A Box
Box measurements are always inside dimensions and follow the sequence LxWxD  
How To Setup Black Ink -- 100%k or Rich Black?
When a user generates graphics on a computer for printing, or wishes to print images from a digital camera, it is a common...
I downloaded the template but it won't work in Indesign?
Here is a video tutorial on how to use the EPS template in Indesign: Indesign Tutorial
I downloaded the template but it won't work in Photoshop?
Here is a video tutorial on how to use the EPS template in Photoshop: Photoshop Tutorial
What are Setup Costs and Per Unit Costs?
Some order options have a Setup Cost and / or Per Unit Cost. Setup Cost is a one-time charge regardless of quantity. Per...
Do your Turned Edge binders come with pockets?
You have the option to select at checkout the order option for a "5x9 Pocket". A Clear adhesive 5 inch x 9 inch pocket page...
Do your folders have business card slits?
We feature lots of folders and most offer business cards slits. Select your desired folder and then reference the posted...